Sunday, September 09, 2012

Bioethics in the News

Thanks to the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity for spotting these articles, which feature bioethics in the news.
How much info does the human genome contain, and when should we stop looking? (Nature)
Doctors debate whether freezing embryos should become the primary option for in vitro (BBC).
A report analyzes the worldwide demand for embryonic stem cell research   (Sacramento Bee).
New research shows that six months after the implantation of neural stem cells, two patients gained some function (CBS).
Six months after an avalanche deprived the skiing Prince Friso of Holland, 43, of oxygen, he remains in a deep coma. His country debates euthanasia (The Australian).
 “Superbugs” resist our strongest antibiotic treatments; we must remain vigilant in addressing the growing threat from microbes. (CNN)
The more abortions a woman has before giving birth, the more likely she is to have a preemie. (BBC News)
Male fertility: Researchers make sperm from a skin sample. (Telegraph)
British couples banned from pre-birth sex selection fly to New York to skirt UK laws. (Telegraph)

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