Friday, February 15, 2013

Infertility and Research

Hope for couples with unexplained infertility
A new test for male infertility (SpermComet) identifies DNA damage as the cause of many instances of unexplained infertility. Small breaks in the sperm’s DNA might contribute to lower pregnancy rates following IVF. A number of factors may cause damage, including poor diet and smoking. These factors can contribute both to an inability to conceive and to embryo development, miscarriage, and birth defects. Prior to the new test, clinics have always evaluated sperm quality only on the basis of such factors as count, motility, and shape.
Common chemicals contributing to infertility?
According to a new UK study, industrial chemicals and pesticides may account for some instances of infertility, even if such pollutants were banned more than thirty years ago. Although manufacturers no longer make them, PCBs still show up in many building materials, such as caulking, oil-based paint, floor varnish, and insulation. These elements resist decay and permeate soil, water, and some foods. People wishing to reduce exposure should limit consumption of animal products, especially fatty meat and fish.

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