Saturday, March 16, 2013

Play-with-word-art Day

It's Saturday. And I've turned in the second draft of my dissertation (waiting, waiting...), and I turned in my Chai with Malachi manuscript, and it's spring break. The first verb in the Bible is "create," and I can't remember the last time I created something whimsical. So I played around with words and photos (see previous post). In the process, I found this App on iPhones that makes images out of words, "aTypo Picture." Since my site is Aspire2, for text I used, "Aspire to the quiet life." I used my PR portrait for the photo because I could easily take a shot of it, and it looks better than me in my PJs on a Saturday morning. (My daughter was sleeping, and she would've had a cow if I photographer her.) And voila—photo art.

Have you created anything lately? I hope so!

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