Saturday, May 11, 2013

51 Blogs Worth Knowing About

According to Afrim Karoshi of Albania:

Writing, Publishing

1. (Leadership, Publishing) 
2.  The one you're reading now  
3. (John Saddington, entrepreneur)
4. (Writer)
6.  (Writer)
7. (Author, creator of Veggietales)
8. (Authors, Blogger)
9. (Donald Miller)
15. (Author, one of the first missionaries who visited Albania in 1991.)
17. (Melissa McDonald, a friend from Dallas Theological Seminary)

Focus on Social Media Practices

18. (A group of authors offering great content on the world of Internet and how that relates to church usage)
19. (A group of Wordpress lovers who help the world use Wordpress well, offering the latest from the field of blogging)
23. (BuzzShift, a company offering training on Social Media)
26. (John Dyer’s blog)
31.  (a group of authors)
32. (offering help on how to use Internet for evangelism, with great resources)

Blogging on Theology

33. (a group of blogs, different authors; /tapestry, /bock etc.)
35. (a group of authors such as Justin Taylor, D. A. Carson, John Piper, etc.)
36. (Pastor Todd Wagner)
37. (A Theological blog responding to the claims of Dr. Ehrman)
38. (Daniel Wallace, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary)
39. (A group of bloggers under
42. (A magazine with great resources on using Social Media for Ministry)
43.  (Great blogs with great posts - /le, /women)
44. (Theologian Thom Rainer)
46. (Tim Challies)
47. (Theological Albert Mohler)
51. (Lee Koontz)


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