Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Art + Bible = Salome

Stained glass windows. Flannelgraphs. Fill-in-the-blank studies with small groups. What's your favorite way to learn Bible stories? And have you given opera a shot? This fall you will get your chance.

"Salome"—it's a set-in-Judea, biblical tale of lust and betrayal in King Herod's court, and it reveals humanity at its most depraved. As you may recall, Salome's dancing led to the beheading of the one whom Jesus described as the most righteous man ever. Oscar Wilde wrote the rendition, and The Dallas Opera will tell it in song.

Tickets are on sale now for performances between October 30 and November 8.

John the Baptist was imprisoned in the bowels of this mountain before Salome
asked Herod for the prophet's head. 


Wayne Stiles said...

Wow, Sandi. Did you go to Machaerus when you visited Jordan?

Sandra Glahn said...

I sure did. The photo here is one I took.

The guard there spoke some English and took us to the cave the locals think was the one where John was imprisoned and said snakes often slither around there. And no way to get inside (it was like a pit) unless somebody threw you down. So maybe some broken bones. Rough going. Have you been?

Wayne Stiles said...

No, I've never been. I officially envy you. :-)